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Charles Ferrill






A Bit About Me

My name is Charles Ferrill and I have been working in pest control for the past three years. I've been called a jack of all trades and feel that statement is accurate. Throughout my life I have had the pleasure of working for some amazing companies, but now feel it is time to branch out on my own. It is my desire to provide an honest service to my customers; one that will leave them with solutions. 

As my expertise in rodent control grew, I enjoyed the nick name "Ratman" that my clients began to bestow upon me at random. It seemed fitting, as rodent control is an area within my career that I hold an expertise. Thus, The Ratman was born into a business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe and human integrated pest management to the families and businesses of Lane and Douglas Counties. To create an honest and fair service that will benefit our society and honor the stewardship we were appointed in this earth. Contributing in some way, great or small, to the health and balance of the world we live in.

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